MON-SAT 9:30am – 3:30pm

Co-Curriculum Activity


                              It is designed so as to stimulate the interests of students in various hobbies to develop their inherent potentialities. Besides classroom learning we nurture personal, creative and physical development. Literary, Creative and cultural activities are given special emphasis. There are numerous student clubs of various interests to
cultivate creativity among students .We have the  following clubs:
1.  Arts Club
2.  Sports Club
3.  Nature Club/Eco Club
4.  English Literary Club
5.  Mathematics Club
6.  Science Club
7.  Music Club
8.  Dramatic Club
9.  Other Language literary Club


There are four houses in the school. Red House, Green House, Blue House and Yellow House. Ever y student on admission is placed in one of these houses. Each house is headed by a Captain , Vice-captain and Prefect. Points are awarded to students through out the year depending on their involvement in CCA, Sports and Games under the leadership of highly talented and experienced teachers as House masters..